Yarn & A Hook


Early this year I decided I needed a new obsession hobby that could be done with a little one snuggled on my lap. This has made it pretty easy to spend an absurd amount of time with yarn and hook in hand, learning to crochet. What started out as two tiny beanies with flowers for a tiny little head turned into a few more beanies. Those went so well I figured what the heck why not try a matching Mommy & Me poncho set…which turned into a poncho for the little one and a soon-to-be queen-sized afghan that is still in progress (not exactly a poncho but I’m loving it anyway!). And then there was a cowl for my Mom and then a different style beanie for Jake and…I’m sure you can tell where this is going.


The original plan was simply to make a few cute hats that actually fit T’s tiny head. Learning to crochet or knit was on my list of 2015 goals but I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull that off. Since spare time is at a premium and Youtube is available at all hours of the day it seemed like a good place to start. I’d say it was a moderate success.

The one incredibly amusing thing about all this is that since I learned to crochet by Youtube I can’t really read a pattern. However, it’s kind of like learning to play the piano by ear, after a while you run out of songs you know and it gets tough to progress. It’s becoming apparent that it will soon be time to learn pattern reading. I’m hoping that Youtube can once again lend a hand but if not, those of you that crochet might be seeing me soon. There’s an adorable baby sandal pattern that is calling my name!

The Airstream Chronicles: Forward Progress


Guest Post by Jake

Well here we are again! Although there’s been a bit of radio silence regarding the Airstream Chronicles and Riveted Revival’s Airstream Ambassador renovation, on the ground there has really been a flurry of activity. The progress is starting to hint at what the finished product will look like which is very exciting. 

After a couple of last minute additions the wiring is nearly complete. The plumbing is started and we are pushing ahead on the cabinetry, with boxes making their appearance in the kitchen and bathroom. The stainless  steel oven (and the wine cooler!) has made it’s appearance. The bathroom is coming together with walls being framed in. The interior aluminum skin is being installed throughout the trailer and we are nearing the front end.  

While the bathroom is a work in progress, the kitchen on the other hand is coming along nicely with 10 feet of glorious counter-top! To most people that may not seem like much; however, when you live in a 850-square-foot house that has a micro-kitchen with only 8 ft 10 inches of counter top and you are a chef at heart 10-feet sounds like a kitchen dream come true. All that extra room to cook and prep! Even the stove in the Airstream is an inch bigger than the one in our house. I cannot wait to cook up some fantastic meals for friends and family from our renovated Airstream kitchen.  

Hopefully in the next installment of the Airstream Chronicles we can chat about the bathroom. Until next time, thanks for reading.

Find It & Grind It T-shirts

EtsyFindandGrindTApril showers bring May flowers…and gravel grinder season! (For those of you wondering just exactly what is a gravel grinder, it is a bike ride or race that covers long stretches of gravel and dirt roads, often in farm country of the mid-west. You can read one of my gravel grinding tales here.) In honor of the recent rain, snow and mud, which make for the best kind of gravel grinding, Jake and I are offering a limited edition “Find It & Grind It” t-shirt in our Etsy shop during May and June. Get your’s here before you can’t get them anymore!

Happy gravel grinding!