Real Mail

Real mail, the kind that comes stamped, in an envelope, and is hand delivered to your mail box, is so much more than just words on a piece of paper or stuff in a box. To me, it’s an act of love, of someone sharing their precious time with you. Getting real mail has always been a treat but in today’s crazy busy world, where e-communication has taken over, it seems even more special.

With friends spread all over the country, spending time with those that I love, isn’t always possible. As much as I’d love to sit down and linger over a cup of coffee, take a meandering hike with or just share a simple hug it just isn’t always possible. So instead I’ve been making an effort to send more real mail, or love in an envelope, to let them know how important they are.

Of course, time is always limited. Every single one of us is busy and it’s easy to blow off a letter to another day. I’ve found myself using four simple tricks to keep myself from coming up with good excuses. Maybe these tricks will inspire you too!

1. Keep 2-3 fun notecards in a handy spot. For me this means stashed in my organizer. This always includes one Thank-You note.

2. Keep addresses current in my phone. If they aren’t current I find that a text message is a great way to reconnect with a friend who’s moved to a new place.

3. Keep stamps handy. Before getting a account I was terrible about this. Now that I can print postage at home it seems so easy to have stamps on hand. Unfortunately they charge a monthly account fee so if you don’t ship a lot of stuff it can be hard to justify.

4. Use the wasted spare minutes to write notes. When I find myself having to wait for something, in a long line, for lunch to heat-up, or at the doctor’s office, I use those minutes that would otherwise be wasted to jot a quick note.

There ya have it. This doesn’t mean I send mail every day but these little tricks make it easier to send a little love to friends.

Buffalo Round-Up Day


Shrouded in the cool morning darkness, wishing I had my hands wrapped around a mug of coffee, I watch as the excitement and energy builds around me. Today is the 49th Annual Buffalo Round-Up at Custer State Park. The early morning calm only hints at the excitement of the day ahead. Soon over 10,000 people will gather to watch as 1,300 buffalo are herded by horseback riders and vehicles.

Custer State Park is possibly the only place in the entire world where one time each year you can watch an event of this magnitude unfold. It draws on the park’s historic roots and nods to South Dakota’s heritage and it’s historic role in saving the American bison. Today I am lucky enough to not only spectate but participate in this amazing event.

Of course with an almost 8-month pregnant belly it’s not like I’ll be galloping across the prairie on horseback. Instead I’ll be escorting a few special guests in a vehicle next to the herd, giving them the best possible view. This means I’ll have some amazing up-close photos to share come Monday to share with ya’ll.

Yeehaw and Happy Round-Up Friday!


latelyHey ya’ll! If you wondered where I’ve been let’s just say all work and no play make Rochelle a very busy but dull girl. If I would have been blogging it would all be construction tales and well, 2x4s and paint colors don’t make my little heart go pitter-patter. But the end is nearing and here is what’s happening when I’m not busy bonding with my paint roller!

Loving this positive message

Excited to have wrapped up the nursery remodel and to be moving onto the last BIG construction project

Mowing down on this delicious salad (nom nom!)

Still walking 5 miles a day thanks to some Fitbit motivation

Marveling that the belly and I only have a little over 11 weeks to go.

Realizing that I’ve got a ton of work to get done before the due date.

Dreaming about doing this

Happy dancing that fall is finally here!