The Airstream Chronicles: Installing an End Cap

Although we have progressed much further in the current Airstream remodel, I thought some of you might find this time-lapse video of installing the front end cap interesting. This whole installation process took almost a full day between cutting the aluminum pieces and the actual installation part. We’ve had a few people ask to show how things are progressing so we hope you enjoy this!

Summer Links


Summer time means evening by the fire, picnic suppers afterwork, (very rare!) naps in the afternoon, and in general, a mellowed pace. Here are some sweet summer goodies I’m loving!

Orange citronella candles, a perfect way to use up old candle wax, keep the mosquitos away and set the perfect picnic mood!

Weck jars from Williams-Sonoma. My sister-in-law introduced me to these and they are perfect for picnic food!

Thai iced coffee! I have loved iced coffee for many summers but this truly takes is up a notch.

Some light summer reading on raising brave girls. As I watch the Peanut grow I want to know she’s going to take on the world and its a good reminder to myself to be more bold.

A tiny house neighborhood and project in Madison, WI that is inspiring.

Working on crocheting one of these but using this instead of yarn.

Swim Lessons: A Summer Ritual

Swim lessons are such a summer ritual, almost a right of passage of childhood. Since our family really likes water-sports and Peanut has this crazy attraction to water, it was important to us to start her swimming as soon as possible. You read that right, swim lessons for our seven-month old!

Swim3Obviously she can’t “swim” yet. And explaining the principles of floating to someone who can’t talk or follow directions presents a bit of a challenge. But surprisingly, she get its, with maybe just a little help from mom. This of course means I get to do swim lessons too!

Swim1Seriously, this may end up being the highlight of our summer. Seeing her splash happily and kick those tiny feet as we float along the lazy river melts my heart! Although we’re a ways off from her swimming independently, her love of the water is obvious. I’m hoping this leads to many years filled with this fun summer ritualYo