Cheers to 2016! To say I’m excited for a new year might be understating it a bit. (Since the tiny one is under the weather you won’t find me dancing in the streets but I might just be dancing in my bedsheets!) To be quite frank, I’m grateful 2015 has […]


Daddy skiing with his baby.
As I turned the page on the calendar the other day, it loudly announced that December has arrived. And I sighed. Not because another year is coming to a close or because I don’t have my Christmas shopping done but because December means ski season is here or at least […]

Why Our Family Won’t Be Buying Ski Passes This Year

Last Friday, our family joined hundreds of others for #OptOutside. If you aren’t a big social media user, you might not have heard all the hype in the last few weeks about the Black Friday #OptOutside. REI, and a number of other retailers, opted to give their employees the day […]

Our #OptOutside Black Friday Adventure

While technology can be a wonderful thing, some days it doesn’t want to play nice. Here at The Tomboy Tales, we had one of those weeks. Due to server glitch we have been missing in action while we tried to resolve the issue. After many failed attempts we have returned but […]

Back from the Abyss!