She’s Here!


Last Sunday this tiny little girl came into our lives. We are head over heels and can’t imagine our world without her. As with any new experience, we’re delicately figuring out how the section of the story will go but either way, it’s a love story.

30 Days of Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving

There are way more than just 30 things in my life to be thankful for but last year I did the Facebook and Twitter #30daysofThanks and really enjoyed it. This year life has been a bit more hectic and it wasn’t until about November 10th that it dawned on me I was way behind the eight-ball. So instead of playing catch up, I just decided to share them all at once!

I am thankful for…
1. Being happy and healthy.
2. An amazing husband that I can’t get enough of!

Us 3. Being blessed with many friends and family, both near and far.
4. Getting to spend my holiday with family.
5. A job that I look forward to going to.


6. A boss that is tough but fair, practical and doesn’t micromanage.
7. Getting to work outside!
8. Our cozy cabin (that’s almost completely remodeled)!
9. Food on the table.
10. An uncomplicated pregnancy that’s allowed me to remain active.
11. Not getting hurt when the deer decided to commit suicide and total my MINI Cooper.


12. Being able to replace my MINI and not having to take on a car payment.
13. All the people who have taught me various skills so that I can make cool things to share with others.
14. Blue skies and sunshine!
15. Snow!
16. Being inspired by amazing artists, like these.
17. Getting to work with buffalo. (How cool is that!)


18. Travel.
19. My three crazy dogs and their puppy love.
20. Opportunities to positively effect change.
21. Time spent with friends!
22. Crisp fall mornings spent with a hot mug coffee in hand.


23. Hard work.
24. Summertime outdoor showers under the stars.
25. Sleeping in.
26. Being able to find my way in the woods with a map and compass.
27. Career mentors that are also great friends.
28. Getting to become an aunt to an incredibly cute little guy that is growing up way to fast.
29. Opportunities to be both a student and a teacher.
30. Things to look forward to.

And as a bonus…a new tiny family member any day now! (Hopefully by the time this goes live.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

can’t wait for…


As my 40th week of pregnancy approaches (and hopefully the little peanut makes an appearance soon) there are a few things I can’t wait for. Here’s what’s been on my mind during the last trimester.

I can’t wait for…!

1. Wearing real pants that don’t have an elastic waistband, actually stay on and don’t have to pulled back up every 10 minutes. (Yeah I know it’ll be a while but I’m closer now then I’ve been in quite some time. A girl’s gotta have dreams right?!)

2. A full mug of coffee, high-test and untainted with half and half.

3. Sleeping on my stomach! Oh gloriousness!

4. Running (even if it is only for 10 minutes once in a blue moon).

5. Wine, wine, holiday drinks and more wine.

6. Spicy Mexican breakfast burritos. Nom nom.

7. No construction in our house! Which has mostly been wrapped up since mid-October and is fabulous.

8. Hopefully no more heartburn.

9. Being able to hike uphill more than 4 steps without gasping for air like a fish out of water.

10. Snuggling a precious little one!