Nine o’clock mornings

9oclockmorningsTo those that know me well, it’s no secret that early morning wake-ups are not my thing. Never have been. Everyone talks about how sleeping in goes away when you have a child and I dreaded that. There is something awesome about snuggling under the covers for a few extra winks in the early morning light.

Fortunately that hasn’t been our story so far. Evenings seem to be our wee one’s thing, just like her mama. We’ve had our share of long, wide-awake nights but somehow 6 o’clock comes and the wee one sleeps soundly. And so do I.

But the best part comes around 9 o’clock when she wakes up, usually gently, almost always with a smile. And there we start our day, snuggled together on the couch her with her milk and me with my coffee. She tells me all sorts of stories and I hold her tight. As I get ready to return to work from maternity leave this is definitely going to be the part of the day I miss the most.

a babe in the backcountry

backcountry2A few weeks ago, when everything felt like it was falling apart, we headed to the one place to do the the one thing that makes everything a little bit better. We took our wee one, a close friend and went backcountry skiing. If I’m perfectly honest, it was probably more about seeking solace and less about taking our babe to backcountry but thankfully they were one in the same.

backcountry3We weren’t sure what to expect, skiing with the little one. Our trial run back in December hardly seemed enough to prepare us for bigger terrain so we over prepared and went anyway with the knowledge that we could always turn around. This trip had only one goal, to take the little one skiing. There were no expectations of gladed tree runs or face shots, just a gentle tour, friends and winter.

backcountry4It felt good to breath the deep breaths of winter air; to feel the muscles work as the skis glided across the snow. It was challenging but rewarding to breastfeed the wee one in the woods; the cloak of winter around us, snuggled together in layers of down. All too soon the trip was over, the journey shorter then we would have liked. The mind was willing but the muscles were weak, recovery from the c-section is still a work in progress.

backcountry1Some will say we should stay home; that the backcountry is no place for a babe. To us she needs the woods as much as we do. So we dial it back, adjust our routes, watch the weather and are prepared to turn around in a heartbeat. But still we go, finding solace and strength in taking our babe to the backcountry.

gluttons for punishment

Airstream2If you weren’t positive that Jake and I might be crazy, after this post I’m sure you’ll be convince. (I am!) After last summer’s whirlwind house remodel that had us wanting to pull out our hair you’d think we’d have had sworn off any major DIY projects. If you’d have asked us in October, November or even just two weeks ago if we’d be taking anything major on we’d have said not only no, but HELL NO. And then yesterday evening found us pulling our beat-up, tore-apart 1969 Airstream Ambassador back into the driveway and digging out the power tools. It’s amazing what a long weekend with a bit of spare time and a few extra hours of sleep will allow you to convince yourself is a good idea.

Airstream3We started working on this project way back in 2013 but switched gears last spring to the house when we found out we were pregnant. We considered selling Airstream since it was  in the way but just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. Recently some very awesome reasons to take a few road trips later this year came up (looking at you Darin, Kat, Ben and Ashley!). Camping out of the pickup worked well when it was just Jake and I but we figure it might be nice have a “home base” while traveling with Peanut. And so begins the second season of Jake & Rochelle’s Glutton’s for Punishment DIY. Stay tuned for random installments and witness first-hand the latest version of crazy.Airstream1