Lately we’ve been busy but not busy at the same time, if that makes any sense. I think between being back at work full-time, commuting 2 hours each day and all the minutia required to keep day-to-day life functioning there just hasn’t been much space left. But here’s what’s been going on in that tiny space that is left. Lately we’ve been…

flexing a little creative muscle with our screen printing projects.

crocheting cute hats for my adorable but nearly bald babe. The crocheting addiction continues!

watching all three season of Longmire on Netflix and iTunes in anticipation of the upcoming release of Season 4!!

making some serious progress on the Airstream remodel. The paneling inside the shell is going up, the wiring is almost complete and interior walls are going in. After it being a hollow shell for so long, it’s starting to look and feel like a camper again!

wishing that camper was complete so we could take it out on the road and go play! Spring  fever is in full swing in our house.

cleaning stuff out like a fiend. One side effect of Spring Fever is Spring Cleaning but oh man, it feels so good to see things sparkling clean. Now if the flowers and grass would get onboard with spring, we’d be in business.

(slowly) returning to running using the Couch-to-5k plan. Ouch!! It’s hard to believe that I once was able to run a 10k without blinking but I hope to be back there by this fall.

watching the Peanut grow in front of our eyes. Any day I fully expect her to take off running…okay, maybe not exactly running but rolling and crawling for sure.

Winter is usually my favorite season but this year it’s Spring for the win!

The Airstream Chronicles: A Shiny New Front Panel

FrontPanel1So here we are folks with your latest installment of the Airstream Chronicles. This last weekend found me staring at the ugly front end of our 1969 Ambassador thinking, “That front dent has got to go.” This dent was the size of a small moon crater.


Several weeks ago I chatted with the local airplane repair guys at Black Hills Aero. They were nice enough to order some fancy aircraft aluminum to replace the front panel of our Ambassador. They even cut it to the proper size, saving me a a lot of headaches.

I went to work drilling out the rivets. Talk about a pain in the butt. I got the old panel removed and then it was time to rebuild the 2 braces that sit under the window. They had been wiped out when the previous owners hit whatever they did to cause this damage in the first place. I had to keep reminding myself that this will soon all be gone and it will look good. After fixing and repairing the braces I re-bent the steel backer for the taillight hook-up and ground the steel down and sealed it with a fresh coat of rust-proof primer and paint.

FrontPanelOff FrontPanel2

With this complete it was time to install the new front panel and take out a few dents in the corners. After the fresh new front panel was installed it was time to put two small aircraft patches on the front where the original skin had been damaged. We’ve talked about this before but here is that nostalgia thing again. I wanted to fully replace the panels that where cracked and torn from what ever the accident was but I succumbed to that old adage of why replace when you can reuse. So with the FAA’s Aircraft Metal Structural Repair manual in hand I went to work making two lap patches for each side to take care of the tears and cracks.


So there we go…a new front shiny front and one step closer to getting this trailer ready for the road.

Finding Coffee Beans in Fort Collins

Coffee2Lately Jake’s and my coffee addiction has gone into overdrive. It’s probably safe to blame that on a small human but it doesn’t hurt that we REALLY. LOVE. COFFEE. One of the benefits of our recent trip to Fort Collins was the opportunity to bring home some new beans.

Coffee1Thanks to the help of the Twitterverse we were able to locate two local coffee roasters, Crankenstein and and The Bean Cycle. Ahhh, black gold! I can’t say if one is better then the other since they are such different beans but I can say that both are worth snagging a bag of beans or a cup of joe from either of these roasters if you happen to be in the vicinity. Although this souvenir won’t last long around our house it’s nice to have some tasty new fuel to feed the addiction!