Summer Tunes

Sunglasses sitting on a dock overlooking a lake in summertime.Who doesn’t love a good summer song? I’m not one who can resist! I think I can mark each summer since I was 16 or 17 by the tunes I listed to each year. Hearing each one of those songs takes me back to a time and place that makes me smile. Most years the songs are a unique that coming through a friend or fire crew member. This year, I was hoping I would be gifted with “that” song but without a fire crew and only behind-the-times radio stations this summer’s songs are probably one’s you’ve heard a time or too. I thought I’d share my summer playlist anyway because I’m all about sharing and trading tunes. If you have any favorite tunes that you’d love to recommend feel free to drop them in the comments. I’m always searching for new fun tunes!

1. Come and Get it Bae – Pharrell Williams

2. Drinks After Work – Toby Keith

3. Applause – Lady Gaga

4. Rude – Magic

5. Small Town Throwdown – Brantly Gilbert

6. Fancy – Iggy Azalea

7. American Girl – Bonnie McKee

8. Bartender – Lady Antebellum

9. Beachin’ – Jake Owen

10. Come With Me Now – Kongos

backyard cows

BackyardCowsJake and I have new neighbors. 25 of them. Of the black angus variety. And by black angus I mean, cows. On Saturday, during the middle of Jake’s and my construction fun I heard a strange ruckus in our backyard. Usually this means one, or all, of the dogs have gotten into mischief and require some attention. As I looked towards the backyard, it wasn’t dogs I saw but instead a herd of black, noisy cows bumping the fence line.

What I said next won’t be repeated in blog-land but it’s safe to say there became a sense of urgency. Not because of the cows per se but because of the fence (or really, the lack there of)! This particular “fence” is the only thing standing between those 25 steaks-on-legs and downtown Rapid City. Beef Day in Main Street Square anyone?

Since moving into our cabin five years ago, the pasture behind our house has sat empty. And the fence? You could consider it more a symbolic line than a way to keep creatures in or out. It definitely wasn’t going to stop those cows from taking a downtown jaunt if that’s what they wanted to do.

My mind was racing with cow wrangling adventures while trying to figure out how to call the sheriff when our place currently has neither a phone line or cell service. Not exactly the Saturday I had envisioned so when a ranch hand arrived a few minutes later I was very glad to see him. But he did have some surprising news for us. Not only had they fixed the fence but those 25 “gentle cows” were going to be our backyard neighbors for the month or so. WHAT!

Since then I’ve been vacillating between shaking my head in disbelief and chuckling under my breath. When you live one mile from Leave-it-to-Beaver neighborhoods, seven miles from the nearest Safeway, just outside the second largest town in the state it seems a bit comical to have cows in your backyard. Considering this is South Dakota I really don’t find it that strange but I’d have more likely expected a new subdivision to appear than cows. I’m enjoying the cows more than I’d ever enjoy a subdivision though. Now if I can just coerce one of them into my freezer…but that’s an adventure for another day!



embarking on yet another remodeling project ( yes, we have gone mad!)

loving that the 8-month bathroom remodel is down to the finish details

appreciating all of the hard work Jake is putting into our house

awaiting (quite anxiously!) the return of internet to our house and…

wondering how the heck we all survived before we had the world wide web

smiling at the fun evening I got to spend this week with my two awesome “nieces”

finding myself with an abundance of fun screen print ideas

planning a weekend bonfire with friends

time in my hometown at Festival in the Park this weekend