Projects || April Fool

April, how did you get here so quickly? Where did March disappear to? Who am I? What am I doing here? Oh wait, wrong conversation, back to April.

I know I said on yesterday that I would try and have slightly more realistic goals for April, keeping in mind that work has the potential to be ballistic again this month. So here’s the project list. I’m not sure it’s very realistic but we’ll give it a shot. It’ll be no surprise or big deal if I don’t reach these, it’s hopeful, wishful thinking.

The most important item on the list is the Firewise project but it’s also the most complex, time consuming and requires both Jake and I. I’m breaking down doing a complete Firewise landscaping project into smaller manageable steps. Since Firewise uses Zones around the home I figured these were a great way to break it down.

project I’m most excited about is the mailbox project. On a quick trip through Omaha a while back I saw the absolutely coolest mailbox. It was black with white paisley and glossy. Ah-maz-ing!! I’m super excited to complete this one and put it in the backyard.

We’ll see how far I get. Maybe it’ll rain. Maybe I’ll get to ride my bike again. Maybe it’ll be November next week. Maybe I’m an April Fool?


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