A few weeks ago my new Vanderkitten cycling kit, made by Pactimo, arrived. Like any gal, I was super excited for new clothes! And then the busiest week ever happened; excited or not, there was no time to ride. Follow that up by a week of typical SoDak spring weather and I began to wonder if I was ever going to wear less then three layers of bike clothes. Finally, Easter weekend provided the perfect weather to try out the new stuff!



Loved it! The kit totally rocks. I’m always a bit apprehensive about new gear, as regards to how warm it is, how the shorts will fit and how the chamois will be. The Easter Sunday temps struggled to break 50 and it wouldn’t Wyoming be without a nice arctic breeze. I ended up wearing the kit shorts, covered by a pair of non-kit tights, the Vanderkitten long sleeve jersey and the Vanderkitten Breckenridge vest. Not only was the kit super comfy but pretty good lookin’, don’t you agree?!


Now, it’s no secret that Jake and I ADORE anything made by Rapha. In my case, especially their Women’s Shorts. They are the gold standard by which I judge all others. So far no pair of shorts has come close…until now. Pactimo, I want to compliment you. These are a fine specimen. The fit is flattering and I’m not a skinnny-legged chick so that’s saying a lot. The gripper tape does it’s job well and yet is unnoticeable, perfect. The chamois is very, very comfy. With all the miles ahead training for some lengthy gravel grinding coming (Gold Rush Gravel Grinder I’m looking at you!) I’ll be sure to put these to the longevity and durability test.

The best part of the kit though…the long sleeve jersey. Ever girl should own at least one of these, quite possibly two. Yes, they are super cute but the super-soft, pajama worthy, fleecy inside it what really makes it awesome. Honestly, if I didn’t think wearing cycling clothes for everyday made me look like a complete goober I’d probably be living in this shirt.

Whether you’re looking for a new kit or not, I’d highly recommend checking Vanderkitten out. Not only would you have a super awesome kit but 10% of your purchase goes to support women’s athletics. What would be cooler then supporting that?!

Have a stellar weekend!